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    Pre-requisite for the consolidation

      Hi expert,

      I'm new to the HFM world, please bear with me for asking this basic question.

      We are trying to create a sample HFM application here, we managed to setup all the metadata, data grids etc and managed to submit some data to some entities.

      A very simple structure with 2 child entities, rolling up to 1 parent entity.

      There's no validation rules, non any journal posted for these entities.

      We tried to run "consolidation" for the entities but just doesn't seem to be able to get it consolidated.

      Would like to check with you the pre-requisite steps for consolidation to work:

      1). The entity has been setup with a consolidation method and % of ownership;
      2). There's a consolidation routine in the rule file for the selected consolidation method from (1), e.g. something like the below:

      Call Hs.Con ("",PCon,"")

      Are these the only prerequisites? Did I miss anything? Please help shed some lights. Thanks!

      We're on version
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          The code you have in the rules file looks like it is incorrect. PCon would not be defined automatically and would therefore return zero. I think what you are actually looking for is something like:

          Call Hs.Con ("",HS.Node.PCon(""),"")

          Note that you can determine if the consolidation rules are used from you metadata under AppSettings. Look for the setting called ConsolidationRules. If you set this to Y, it uses the rules under Sub Consolidate(), if you set it N, it will automatically consolidate even if you have nothing under Sub Consolidate().


          Further, you can affect what gets consolidated in the metadata. Some of your accounts etc. may not be set correctly. Some things to check:

          • For Accounts, make sure that IsConsolidated is checked and the AccountType is correct
          • Also for Accounts, ensure that EnableCustom1Aggr ... is checked

          Finally, if the Entities have different currencies, check if you are getting data up to [Parent Total]. If not, the problem is your translation and not your consolidation.

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            I think you already know the value dimension at HFM. Consolidation is happen at from [Parent Total] to [Proportion].


            First, when you say  "doesn't seem to be able to get it consolidated", can you see correct figure at [Proportion]?


            Suggest you to create a data grid to show value from <Entity Currency> <Entity Curr Adjs> <Parent Currency> <Parent Curr Adjs> [Parent] [Parent Adjs] [Proportion] to find out number is not correct at which value.


            Then we can locate the issue is at which step.