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    Data Extraction

      Hi all, I'm running EPM 11.1.2. I was wondering what is the approach to extra the data of the members into a spreadsheet format. The data we want is every property of the members, ex. Time Balance, Consolidation, UDA, Alias, etc....

      Can this be done from Workspace? Is it in EAS?

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          you can do an extract from MaxL to get the outline, but I'm not sure if it has all of the properties. THe best tool I've found to do this is the outline extractor from Applied Olap. It is a free tool and can extract the outline in different formats with the ability to select what properties you want. It can be output into different formats.
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            I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to use OLAP outline extractor.

            Is there a youtube video for that? a blog? don't see something that contains step by step on Google.
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              There is documentation that comes with it, but I think if you go to Tim Tow's blog, there is info on creating a bat file to set the environment varaibles and then start it. This is necessary for 11.1.X as they don't create the environment variables on the system level any more
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                You can send email to support@appliedolap.com and my team can direct you to the exact blog entry and help you get it running.


                Tim Tow
                Applied OLAP, Inc