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    Oracle Apps - 9iAS : Basic doubts


      I am new to Oracle Apps and 9iAS

      I have few basic doubts regarding the integration of these
      Can anybody please clarify...

      The middle tier of Orcale Apps is the 9iAS Application Server.

      Read that Oracle9i AS Components are :
      - J2EE and Internet Applications (sub-components are Oracle HTTP Server, OC4J, Web services etc)
      - Portals
      - Wireless
      - Web cache
      - Business Intelligence
      - E-Business Integration

      Read that middle tier of Oracle Apps has following servers
      - Web server
      - Forms server
      - Concurrent Processing server
      - Reports server
      - Discoverer server (optional)
      - Admin server

      So, all the components of 9iAS are installed with Oracle Apps ?
      If only some, then which are those ?

      Where do Concurrent Processing server, Reports server etc come from as these are not the components of 9iAS ?
      Are these very specific to Oracle Apps only ?

      As the core database administration knowledge is required for Apps administration (for managing database tier), isn't the 9iAS knowledge required (for managing the middle tier) ?

      If yes, then upto what level ?
      Knowing about Oracle HTTP Server, Apache server, Web cache, OC4J etc etc is required ?

      Please suggest some links / documents related to all these ?
      I found a couple of them on metalink & OTN, but not very useful !