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    Oracle forms 10g on r12.1.3


      I am having to build a new form for Oracle EBS r12. I have followed all the standard procedures to build a form on Oracle EBS platform and I have been doing this for quite some time.
      1. Downloaded Template.fmb
      2. Downloaded APPSTAND .fmb
      3. Removed template blocks - BLOCKNAME and DETAILBLOCK.
      4. Created a database block based on a view 
      5. Used database block layout wizard that automatically creates the block and then generates the layout wizard.
      6. Then, manually created a control block with one text item and one button called "Search"
      Now My Problem is this:

      When I compile the form and generate on the server, All the Control block Items are simply invisible. It only shows the label text for these items but text items under the control block, the button is completely invisible. All the necessary properties are set correctly. Visible is set to yes, Enabled is set to yes. Foreground and background colors are set to yes. I have checked all of these OVER and OVER. Still I am not able to figure out "WHERE IS THE PROBLEM?" .. Driving me nuts*.

      Therefore, I have chosen the to take resort of Gurus on this forum. Hope you will help me.

      Please advise.