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    Pending Approvals missing from R12 Action History

      We are upgrading from to 12.1.3. We are facing an issue with the approval history for the requisition Approval notification.

      In, the notification included the approvers that will be notified after the current approver. The approvers who had yet to take an action are listed with no action or date.

      In 12.1.3, only the approvers who have already approved are displayed. I questioned the need for this information to decide on approval, but users have informed us that they need this information to "prod" the next approver.

      In PO_WF_REQ_NOTIFICATION.get_pending_action_html, the following cursor is used to obtain the pending approvers. However, in 12.1.3, po_approval_list_lines and po_approval_list_headers are not populated for requisitions created in R12. The records still exist for the approval lists built in Anyone know if the lists are still built in a way that we can obtain the pending approvers and where the lists are stored?

      CURSOR pending_csr(v_document_id NUMBER, v_object_type VARCHAR2) IS

      SELECT pal.SEQUENCE_NUM,per.FULL_NAME,null,null,null,null,
      NULL, NULL, NULL /* bug 2788683*/
      FROM per_all_people_f per, -- Bug 3404451
      po_approval_list_lines pal,
      po_approval_list_headers pah
      WHERE pah.document_id = v_document_id
      and pah.document_type = v_object_type
      and pah.latest_revision = 'Y'
      and pal.STATUS IS NULL
      and per.PERSON_ID = pal.APPROVER_ID
      and trunc(sysdate) between per.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE
      and per.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE
      ORDER BY 1 desc;