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    Sunfire X2100 and X2200: Neither have video out.

      Back again with some servers quite a bit newer than the V480, this time X2x00 servers. I seem to have a problem with a Sunfire X2200 and a X2100 where neither are outputting anything on the VGA out. Both start up with high fan speed, then the fans slow but no keyboard response and no output on VGA. The green light on the motherboard does blink once the fans spin down from full speed. I am unable to check the access cards as I have no idea what the assigned IPs are as unlike the V480, I was never given IPs or usernames (anyway to reset that without video output?).

      I am able to confirm my keyboard and mouse work, I have a 2nd X2200 that works fine with output, as does a Dell Poweredge 2950.

      The X2100 is a 2.8 GHz Opteron (unknown if Dual or Quad core yet) with 12 gigs ram, no hard drives. Already tried clearing CMOS.
      The X2200 is Dual 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Opterons, 32 gigs ram, no hard drives. Tried clearing CMOS on it as well.