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    OBI Dashboard &Dashboard prompt to trigger BI Publisher Report in Dashboard

      I have some trouble with my dashboard prompt to filter BI Publisher Reports (on the same dashboard as the prompts).
      The creation of a logical column with a sort value = ID (int) and a display value of = text (varchar) worked
      fine and I can select the logical column and test it but when I put it on my dashboard and click on "apply"
      nothing happens. The BI Publisher reports do not "load" with the values from the prompt.
      The 2 prompts are set up to write to a presentation variable that is named exaclty like the parameters
      in the BI Publisher Report data model.
      Any ideas why this is not working? Do I have to tell the BI Publisher Reports that the input value they
      wait for comes from a dashboard prompt or so?

      PS: When I open the report only (not the dashboard) put in my two parameters and press execute it works fine.