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    Debit Memo not creating automatically in AP while doing PO return


      We are using R12 Instance.

      In Purchasing, suppliers are created with Pay on Receipt option and Create Debit Memo from RTS Transaction check box is enabled at site level.

      While Returning "Create debit memo" check box enabled and Returns are completed.

      But the Debit memo is not created automatically. The Receiving Transaction Processor log file show the below error.

      [06-JUN-13 11:35:50] po.src.rvtp.rvtuq.RVTUQ.C.10184: Debit Memo creation errroed out
      [06-JUN-13 11:35:50] po.src.rvtp.rvtuq.RVTUQ.C.10184: ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable character string

      What is the issue?