Creating activities & WBS in P6 Professional R8.2


    I just get my Primavera P6 Professional R8.2 running on my Windows XP.
    It took me almost a week to get this up and running. I am pretty new to this software. I am also wondering how the activity & WBS in this application are linked together after adding the activity in to the project?

    I tried to add 5 activities into the project and once i check in the WBS i don't see any activities in WBS windows. I can only see the total number of activities i.e: 5. Is this what it should be?

    I also tried another way, by creating the WBS first then checked in the activity list and i can see whatever created in WBS windows displays in the activity list, however, i cannot modify the start date, finish date, duration in that activity windows.

    Could you please advise the right way of how to create the activities, assign activity start and finish date as well as the duration?

    Sorry to ask such question and hope you will give me some advise.

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        The activities and WBS windows are seperate. You should use the WBS view to create your projects WBS then switch over to the activities view to add activities/logic/durations.

        Activities cannot be displayed in the WBS view but you can display the WBS in the Activities view.

        You can not link or add logic to WBS nodes only activities.

        The WBS hierarchy is determined by the user so you can set it up in any order you like. There is not hard logic to it, only what the user wants to see.

        Start/Finish dates for the WBS will be determined by the activities in them, you can not directly control WBS dates.
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          You are a brave soul. Kudo's for getting P6 up and running as a new user. There is a lot to know...

          The fundamental data for P6 is the WBS. You will find that the name of the project is automatically the first level of the WBS. Think of each WBS element as a bucket or an address for work packages/activities.

          To display the activities (whether for WBS or any other assembly) you need to be in "Activities View". The view is then "grouped" by WBS. You will be able to group by virtually infinite combinations of codes, activity attributes, assignments, etc.

          Most dates in P6 are calculated based on logic, activity type, duration, and calendars. This can be a particularly challenging concept to new users.

          I recommend that you get some training as soon as possible. Many good training sources and solution providers are availabe, including the company for which I work (Critical Business Analysis, Inc ). Trust me, you don't want to try to learn P6 by yourself.

          Best regards,
          Terry Buda
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            Hi All,

            I am still lose with this Activity & WBS.

            Here is what i have read in Primavera P6 User's Guide:

            +"When creating a project, the project manager typically develops the WBS first, assigns documents to each WBS element, and then defines activities for performing the element's work."+

            With the above regard, seem i have to develop the WBS first then create the activities list. However, after i create the WBS, all activities in that WBS also list out in Activity list windows and i cannot do any modification.

            Let say i have a project called ABC, and the activities to be done are ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC4, ABC5. Can i just create these activities without any consideration on WBS? I would like to request your step-by-step advise on the right way to implement this in Primavera.

            Your further comment will be very much appreciated.

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              Probably you need a basic P6 training.

              When you are in WBS window, you cannot create activities there. The lines you create there are called WBS elements. You can modify their text etc in that window. But when you switch to Activity Window, you can still see the WBS elements (because most likely you are using a pre-set activity view that includes WBS elements). Now, in the Activity Window, you can create activities and modify them but you cannot modify WBS Elements. To modify WBS elements you got to go back into WBS Window.

              YES, you can create activities WITHOUT creating WBS first or at all. Just jump into Activity Window and start hitting the INSERT button. With every hit of the INSERT button, a new line will appear. Rename the text "New Activity" to ABC1, ABC2 and so on.

              There is no right or wrong way to create activities or WBS elements. For you, at this stage, it seems all ways are Hard ways. Keep using P6 and these hard ways shall start turning into easy ways.