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    ASCP Horizontal Plan - Snapshot data

      Hi All,

      We're planning to generate report based on Rolling Gross requirements as per (snapshot data on ASCP workbench).
      The Rolling Gross Requirements need to be shown for 12 weeks or 12 months as part of report.

      This is very challenging requirement, Can you please help me find (Any data points) how Oracle is currently retrieving snapshot dara for horizontal plan?
      We need to display (gross requirements) report data for 12 weeks (bucket) and 12 months (buckets) by each demand (Beginning on hand, purchase orders, requisitions, In Transit, In Receiving).

      I've reviewed package (MSC_HORIZONTAL_PLAN_SC) but It doesn't help me much in (understanding/getting) snapshot data.
      In MSC_HORIZONTAL_PLAN_SC package, there is a cursor (MRP_SNAPSHOT_ACTIVITY).

      The snapshot can be viewed on ASCP workbench in R12.1.3 with following steps

      1. Advanced Supply Chain Planner (ASCP) super user Responsibility
      2. Nav: Supply Chain Plan -> Workbench
      3. Select a Plan
      4. Go to Supply/Demand
      5. Select a record (Criteria:Supplier; Condition: equals ; From: <Supplier_Name>) and click Find button
      6. Right-click -> Horizontal Plan
      7. For each item, Rows shows [sales orders, Forecast, Dependent demand, Gross Requirements, Work orders, Purchase orders] and columns show [weekly and daily dates]

      Appreciate your help, Thanks in advance.