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    HFM Process Management

      Process Management question:

      If a user promotes data at a local level and then later on topside adjustments are made to it at a corporate level (at which point all process units are submitted), can the local user then re-review and promote? One thought is to give the local user Review Supervisor status to allow them to Approve since Submit seems to end Review Level access. This seems to be far too much access for a local user though.

      Any thoughts?
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          What about using submission phases and having that user promote phase 2 even if none of the accounts are Phase 2? If you are just looking to track signoff, that may be something that could work for you.

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            Review Supervisor is way too much to grant all users. It would allow you to reject off of published status which would put your historical data at risk.

            What should really happen is that your corporate team making adjustments should reject the entity before they make the adjsutment. Either that, or use phase submission and split the data in a custom dimension. In our app, we use Custom 2 for this and you have the members below.


            We don't use phase submission, but if you were to turn it on for this, they could sign off on the GLData first, then Local adjustment(HFM Journal entries booked by the site), then finally come through and sign off on the Corporate Adjustments last. NoInput Rules and security classes ensure that only journals are booked to the two Adjs members and only data is loaded to the GLData member. Personally, I find phase submission to be a bit of a pain though since you would have to reject both CorporateAdjs and LocalAdjs is you ever needed to reload the GLData.

            As an added benefit to this structure, you can still see Data vs Adjs on a consolidated basis, unlike in the value dimension where the activity collapses into Entity Currency.

            The challenge with this is that you need to have a free custom dimension which most people don't have just lying around.

            If you're looking for easy, just have your corporate team reject the entities.
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              Thanks for the reply. I set up the GLdata, LocalAdjs, and CorporateAdj members in a local instance of HFM.  Should these three members be the children of AllCustomX (with rules to calculate the combined data in this parent)?  Also, would the users then need a 4th Submission Phase for AllCustomX in order to promote, submit, etc. the GLdata load plus the Adjs?