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    Approval List issue in Iprocurement

      Hi All,

      We are facing a issue in which about 10 new employees of an acquired company is created with their Employee-> Manager-> SR Manager.
      When this employee is creating a Requisition in IProcurement he is getting the following issue.
      "At least one approver needs to be selected before you can proceed to the next step."

      1) We are on 11.5.10 Instance
      2) We don't get the option to select the Approver as this functionality is disabled, and rather the approver gets selected automatically.
      3) Employee and his manager Jobs are set up properly.
      4) Approval Assignment and Approval Group is also set up properly in PO
      5) User names are mapped correctly with the PER_PEOPLE_F records
      6) Amount for which this employee is creating the requisition is below 2000.

      When we tried to replicate the same issue in Dev while creating new employees, jobs and username but we are not able to replicate it.

      Any help in this will be great.