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    M:M relationship Siebel OPA Connector mapping

    Kunal Sharma
      Hi All,

      Consider the entity model with business and contact two entities as child of global I have created an M: M relationship between business and contact the data is send to Siebel sucsessfully and M:M relationship tag also goes showing various contacts related two one business now I want to fetch this relationship back to OPA on form launch. can anyone tell me how to define M:M in siebel Policy Mapping relationship tab considering Siebel uses an Inter table to maintain these relationships.

      Kunal Sharma
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          Its definitely possible with OPA. Its probably easiest to do this with an Integration Object Mapping.


          If you use an Integration mapping and include both Integration Components in your Integration Object, then when the XML for the IO is produced it will have the each component which is a member of the the M:M relationship appear multiple times in the XML, to indicate the multiple "parents" for each "child.


          When you use this IO to map to OPA you can specify the relationship with user properties in the Integration Object. On the target/child component add the following user properties:


          OPARelationship - the public name of the many-to-many relationship in OPA

          OPAParent - the public name of the OPA entity on the source/parent end of the relationship


          And that should work