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    Public key using Open SSH

      Hi all,

      debug1: Next authentication method: publickey
      debug1: Trying private key: /export/home/user1/.ssh/identity
      debug1: Trying private key: /export/home/user1/.ssh/id_rsa
      debug1: Trying private key: /export/home/user1/.ssh/id_dsa
      debug1: Next authentication method: keyboard-interactive

      I would like to ask for open SSH, by default it will look for .ssh/identity, .ssh/id_rsa, .ssh/id_dsa
      Can we change it?

      In my previous company, I was using some kind of commercial SSH, which is using .ssh2 instead of .ssh.
      Inside the .ssh2, it will have a identification file, for example:
      IdKey <keyfilename>

      However, it is not in open SSH, so can I said there are not supported the identification files?

      Actually my problem is here:
      Application team required 4 users to use public key authentication to a same user on the remote server.
      However, these 4 users are sharing a same $HOME, so $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa can only own by 1 ID.
      As we know, public key authentication required the private key to have a permission of 600, hence there only have 1 user can use the private key

      I have try to copy the same key named as .ssh/id_rsa_a, .ssh/id_rsa_b, .ssh/id_rsa_c, .ssh/id_rsa_d.......

      but it only look for ".ssh/id_rsa" only

      Any people can help on this?