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    Mac OS Mountain Lion Oracle Beginner

      Hi Guys

      I've researched through a ton of info on the forum and elsewhere and being a non-technical person I am quite lost in making things work.

      I am attempting to learn SQL as a beginner and I am in need of Oracle software ( I don't know anything beyond this as to what is required). I do know that I will be using SQL developer to write/create queries on Mac OS Mountain Lion. I will be connecting to an Oracle database server and have details on that server but how do I get started on installing Oracle on my computer?

      I know I can use an instant client instead of the entire Oracle software, but I don't know where to begin the installation or how to set it all up? I have downloaded the zip files but what do I do and how are these going to help me?

      Is there anyone willing to provide some guidance around that? All help will be much appreciated.

      Thank You

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          Laurenz Albe

          If you are a non-technical person and your goal is learning SQL you should not use Oracle. It is a big and complicated database system and tricky to set up correctly.

          I would use PostgreSQL: http://www.postgresql.org/

          If you need to learn Oracle though, you have no choice.


          If you want to use SQL Developer you don't need to install Instant Client or any other client software, since SQL Developer contains all the required components.



          Laurenz Albe