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    Question re OEM12c Postupgrade SIgnoff




      Wow, getting used to the new Discussion Forums and hoping I am posting in th correct place.


      I am at the last stage of upgrading to OEM12c and am performing the post upgrade tasks and am ready to sign off. I have chosen sign off pending as the search criteria, found one agent I wish to sign off on, click the Sign Off Migration box, enter the credentials and click OK. Nothing happens and I don't understand what I have missed. I look for jobs and none is submitted, I believe I should see one of the form CLEANUPOLDOH_nnnnn but none is present. The old 11g agent home is still there and nothing seems to happen. There is probably some basic underlying step I have missed but I don't know what. I believe I have followed the steps as outlined in the Signing Off Agent Upgrade Section of the Performing Post Upgrade Chapter of the upgrade guide but nothing seems to happen. I would appreciate any suggestions.


      Thank you.

      Bill Wagman