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    ODBC error : integrating R enterprise rq*eval when returning PNG output and OBIEE analysis and dashboard(is there any pre/post config for it?)


      Hello friends

      first excuse me for my weak writing in english.

      my problem is integrating R enterprise rq*eval when returning PNG output and OBIEE analysis and dashboards.


      we have an oracle linux Server with oracle Database and R enterprise and OBIEE installed on it.

      and another server with Windows Server that an OBIEE is installed on it.

      (versions at the end of post)


      for ORE output integration in BI we have :




      x <- 1:10
      y <- rnorm(n)
      plot(1:n,y, pch = 21 , bg = "red" , cex = 1.5)


      exec sys.rqscriptdrop('XOXO');


      select ID,IMAGE from table(rqTableEval(
      cursor( select 100 n  from dual),




      i did exactly like oracle trainings and documents to build the rpd and integrate it to OBIEE dashboards.(ore-trng5-operatnlzgrscripts-1501640_3.pdf)

      query works alright.i can get result in toad or Developer.

      but what about OBIEE?


      physical layer : OCI 11g.


      i have a lot of problems!!!!

      when i change output to query cursor and deploy the query as a View in Database i can get result as two columns in OBIEE, so there's no problem.(please attention: i should create a view and without view creating it, and by writing query i have the same errors as is mentioned below too)

      but unfortunately  when i use PNG output i receive different errors based on

      "State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 43113] Message returned from OBIS..."

      depend on how i deploy the layers.

      i'm wondered because i dont use ODBC and i'm using OCI!

      and why i get these errors only when output is PNG not  query!

      i receive these errors on both OBIEE servers.


      is there any pre config for Integrating OBIEE and ORE?





      Oracle Database :

      OBIEE           :

      Oracle R        : 1.3.1

      Linux           : Oracle Linux Server release 6.3

      Windows         : Windows Server 2008

      All Systems and applications are 64bit architecture.



      please help me! i'm new to OBIEE and without experience...


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