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    How to apply dual approval on leave




      on 11.5.10


      We have requirement of subject mentioned, suppose when employee apply for leave then it should always goes for approval to user-a & user-b. if any of employee approve leave but will not reflect to the main table unitl both approve.


      Is there any way to apply dual approval irrespective of supplier or position hierarchy?   

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          Hi Keen,


          Just try the Consensus Voting Method in AME approval group, it might help.


          •   Consensus Voting 

            In consensus voting, the members are notified in parallel. All members must approve for the group to approve. Members’ order numbers are ignored in this instance.




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            We have Created Group by selecting Consensus. whereas group member are being selected throug maintaing role but system not consider both user as approval. system consider one approval instead of dual.


            Pls help, what is missing steps. or any link which help us in this regard.