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    BI Administrator - Logical Table WHERE clause


      I have the below table in my DB:

      -Months : Month_Key, Month_Name

      -Customer : Customer_key, Customer_Name

      -Sales : Customer_key, Sales_Amount, Month_Key.

      -New_Customer : Customer_Key, Month_Key


      -Months is the list of all months from 2005 till 2015

      -Customer is a simple dimension table.
      -Sales in the monthly sales of each customer.

      -New_Customer is a table which stores those customers which are new for us during a month. (they purchase from us for the first time).


      I have to develop a report which compares Total Sales with Sales from New Customers month by month. Its easy to bring our total sales but how can i bring out sales by new customers (listed in table New_Customer).