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    BI Publisher Upgrade




        Did any one successfully upgraded BI publisher from to am looking only upgrade of BI publisher.


        Thanks in Advance.

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          Sasi  Nagireddy

          Hello User,


          Yes i have upgraded that by using the ua.bat command from

          Navigate to <OBIEE_MW_HOME>/Oracle_BI1/bin/ua.bat . This batch file is the Upgrade




          Assistant wizard. Launch the wizard by double clicking on it.



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            Looks like above link is not working.Can you please repost.

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              I followed upgrading using ua.bat file.


              1) Placed the 10g BI pulisher Repository(all files) in custom folder C:\BIPublisher.I unzipped the code which I got from 10g BI publisher

              2)Ran ua.bat file C:\OBI11g_Middleware\Oracle_BI1\bin and choosed "Upgrade Oracle BI Publisher Repository"->RPD Directory: C:\BI Publisher ->RPD Directory:C:\OBI11g_Middleware\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\config\bipublisher\repository -> Port:7001,Username:weblogic,pwd:*** ->At Examine Step it showed Succeeded -> At upgrade step it failed with above error.


              Pasting Errors I found in log:


              [2013-05-30T17:36:28.691-05:00] [xdo] [ERROR] [] [oracle.xdo] [tid: 13] [ecid: 0000Jvr_MeW6IRt_Kd1Fie1HdxGJ000004,0] JavaCrypto: written new keyfile to:C:\OBI11g_Middleware\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\config\bipublisher\repository\Admin\/Security/.symder

              [2013-05-30T17:36:28.691-05:00] [Framework] [ERROR] [UPGAST-00138] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 13] [ecid: 0000Jvr_MeW6IRt_Kd1Fie1HdxGJ000004,0] upgrade exception occurred

              [2013-05-30T17:36:28.691-05:00] [Framework] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 13] [ecid: 0000Jvr_MeW6IRt_Kd1Fie1HdxGJ000004,0] Cause: An unexpected upgrade exception has occurred. Action: See the secondary error message for additional details.

              [2013-05-30T17:36:28.691-05:00] [Framework] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 13] [ecid: 0000Jvr_MeW6IRt_Kd1Fie1HdxGJ000004,0] oracle.xdo.XDOException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "DS"


              Please post me if you have faced this issue.

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                  I was able to successfully upgrade BI publisher 10g to 11g.But did you face any upgrade issues.


                   1) When you apply filter for BI report,after upgradation I don't see report heading appearing.But by default it has it's heading.Only when I apply filter header will be missed and I see blank space followed by report content.I see this issue only in IE and not in Mozilla.

                   2) It's not allowing to update existing report.In Report level -> Action-> Edit Report -> Edit.Then it asks me to open/save .doc file(Because my report layout choosed was .doc in 10g).But I dont find a way to edit the existing reports.


                   Any ideas?