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    Setting the sequence of asset listeners


      Hi All,


      We have about 10 asset listeners and would like to have them execute in a specific sequence. I have contacted Fatwire Support and I got the standard answer:

      "There is no documented way to specify ordering of asset listeners. If order of asset listeners is a concern, you could put all the asset listener code into one asset listener"


      Obviously, putting all the listener code into a single listener is less than ideal. I'd like to know if any of you have been able to find a way of reliably setting the sequence in which the asset listeners are executed.

      We tried the obvious approaches of ordering the listeners in our AssetListener_reg table using ID, insert order, etc but they have not proved reliable.


      One option we are considering is to write a single listener that is responsible for invoking the existing listeners rather than rely on Fatwire to do this.


      So, if we don't have to write custom code to do the obvious, I'd like to know what has worked for others.