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    Barcode 3of9 font missing at runtime


      My config:


      I am being conservative and standing up a 10gAS replacement due to a client's loss of their 9iAS environment.

      The barcode 3of9 was used extensively in this NT/9iAS/9i PDF Reports environment


      Fast forward to 10gAS / 10g Reports:

      The barcode works when running from the Reports Builder.  I have the font locally placed in my XP c:\windows\fonts.

      The 3of9.ttf font is installed locally (from the 9iAS era) on the user's Win7 PC's and laptops.

      The 3of9.ttf font is installed on the 10gAS R2 Windows server (c:\windows\fonts)

      10gAS R2 reports services running on Win2003 server

      REPORTS_PATH=c:\windows\fonts (on 10gAS server)

      The 3of9.ttf works inside MS Office (as a test)


      I even tried adding an entry to uifont.ali under PDF:subset

      "3 of 9" = "3of9.ttf"


      Any suggestions or questions?  Any and all are appreciated !!!!