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    Load Metadata from EBS to HFM/Planning using ERPI


      Hi All,

         I have a confusion about metadata load process from EBS to HFM/Planning using ERPI. These 2 applications are designed in EPMA. As per the ERPI Admin guide:



      EPMA—Loads metadata into the Performance Management Architect interface tables

      and then utilizes an automatically generated import profile to load the metadata into

      Performance Management Architect. The import profile pulls from the interface tables

      for dimensions and the Data Synchronizer pushes the data.



      This doesnt talk about shared library. My question is which of the following 2 metadata flows is correct:


      a. EBS----------------------->Interface Tables------------------------->HFM or Planning target.




      b. EBS----------------------->Interface Tables------------------------->Shared Library------------------------->HFM or Planning target.


      If b is true why do we even need to specify 2 different targets???.


      Thanks Everyone.