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    Improving Report Server Performance


      Hi Guys,


      After exhausting searching on google and posting, I need some fresh ideas on this.


      I currently have Report Builder 10g and it takes approx 40 seconds to generate 4000 page pdf.(not the preview one option, the Generate to PDF)

      While the Report Server (Version its taking approx 2 minutes for same report.


      What is the typical time to generate a pdf report of lets say 4000 pages???

      What are the ways i can improve this ?

      What are the alternatives which are faster ?


      Query :

      Cost 117

      Bytes : 75

      Cardinaltity : 1


      Running in Toad with paramters and scrolling to last row - few seconds.


      Report : removed the fields and replaced them with tags &<>


      Report Server :

      engine id : rwEng

      InitEngine : 2

      maxEngine : 8

      minENgine : 2

      englife : 50

      maxIdle :30

      cahce : 512