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    Problem with doing AM passivation in memory



      I got an ADF 11g application containing 29 AMs and something strange is happening to me, let me tell you the story. We saw some long operations in DB of the form

      insert into "PS_TXN" values (:1, :2, :3, :4, sysdate)

      which as you better know relates to passivating AM state. I read  that setting jbo.txn.disconnect_level=1 and jbo.doconnectionpooling=true will do the passivation in memory so there will be no inserts into PS_TXN anymore. So, for every single AM I changed the mentioned settings (for local configuration which is the default configuration). Now, I wonder that still some inserts into "PS_TXN" happens. Where do they come from? Am I missing some settings?