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    Update on site issues


      All right - we knew it would be bumpy, and it is. 


      We haven't had time to reply to all the comments in the welcome thread, so I wanted to start a new one here addressing the major issues.  All of the following are being treated as P1 issues and are being worked on around the clock until they are resolved:


      - Site stability and performance:  we've turned off the "more like this" feature which was helpfully wasting a lot of cycles turning up ten year old threads.  Stability improved immediately.  We may turn that feature back on at a later time if we can configure it to only search back a year or two instead of the entire database. 


      - Watches: Watches have been enabled/disabled periodically over the last few days in debugging the performance problems.  Now that we know they aren't the cause, they are re-enabled and should remain so.  However, the email digest piece is still disabled for those users who have chosen that option. We're still investigating and intend to turn that on when everything else is stable.


      - Untrack, Unfollow and Delete actions: This is related to a caching change where trying to delete anything on the forums, untrack or unfollow someone doesn't work. We have a P1 bug in with the service provider there and they are actively working with us on it.  


      - Users getting logged out/login problems: This is related to site stability. Some of our servers were going down, kicking off all users off who then were connected to a new server when they did another action.  The new server didn't know that they were logged in and forced them to do so again.  Now that the site is stable, this issue should no longer happen. We are actively monitoring this to confirm it stays stable. 


      Lower priority issues that we'll be tackling as soon as the rest of these are cleared up:

      • points correction
      • previous/next thread buttons


      There are also some features that are visible, but not turned on yet while we try to stabilize.  We expect to turn on the following over the next few months:

      • avatar uploads
      • attachments
      • opt-in direct messaging (users who mutually follow each other can DM each other)
      • reply-by-email


      I know there are more things in that welcome thread that I didn't address here, and we will get back to them all. 



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          sonyabarry wrote:


          There are also some features that are visible, but not turned on yet while we try to stabilize.  We expect to turn on the following over the next few months:

          • avatar uploads
          • attachments

          Noooooooo!!! If you really want that, consider to enable these for senior members(to be defined) only.


          Thanks for the heads up

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            Lubiez Jean-Valentin

            Thank you for your work

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              Just to say site seems a lot slicker now ... I have essentially avoided it for the past 2 / 3 days as unusable.

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                Thanks for the update Sonya.


                Besides the bumps here and there I must say you guys are doing a good job.


                Is there a possibility to bring back the ability to use tags like {code}, {message:id=1234}, {thread:id=1234} etc in the upgraded forum editor?


                As a frequent user of the forum primarily SQL and PL/SQL which need lots of code to be posted these tags can makes lot of things easier. This is one thing that i really miss in the new upgraded forum.




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                  Scott Wesley

                  Onya Sonya and the rest of the team.


                  Thanks for keeping us updated on priorities and how the release has gone. Most seem related to performance & stability, but I think common-use actions are often being questions as well - such as finding posts that have no replies, and seeing the list concisely without wasting too much space.


                  I made some general comments here if you care to read.




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                    Hi Sonya,


                    One other thing for you to look into:


                    Go to the Application Express discussion and enter Apex into the search box at the top right of the screen.  Now try to filter the results to the Application Express "space" - you should get loads of entries as Apex is, of course, used quite a bit in there.  What you actually get are two discussions and both are Developer->Korean posts.


                    Shouldn't it stay in Developer->English as that is where I'm searching from?



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                      Scott Wesley

                      Andy - I always found kr. prefixes on many google searches, repeating the english version - but only korea, no other replications - possibly related?


                      Although I see now also doing for .cn


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                        Hi Scott,


                        Perhaps they are related - perhaps Oracle is now using Google for searches


                        Either that, or I need to brush up on my Korean



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                          Hi ATD(Andy)


                          How are you couldnt see you long time in APEX forum as you are, one of the best guru i ever had in APEX. Looking forward for your return.


                          >>Is there a possibility to bring back the ability to use tags like {code}, {message:id=1234}, {thread:id=1234} etc in the upgraded forum editor?

                          Really im looking answers for the Karthick question of using the above tag formats in this newly upgraded forum.




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                            Thanks, Mini


                            I have not been on this site for a couple of years for personal reasons.  I come back and what do I find?  A forum software upgrade that has confused the hell out of me!  Time to retire, methinks


                            I've had issues with the editor as well - just done a post where the cursor completely disappeared and I couldn't get it back.



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                              It certainly did not take long for harsh criticism to roll in after the forum went online. Unfortunately all areas, such as editing, data presentation and work-flow are being criticized.


                              In addition to your post, the forum maintainers probably have not even discovered the more serious issues yet. I only checked a couple of my previous posts and noticed code tags and content has not been migrated properly. I don't know how much content will be affected overall, but some content is malformed and has become useless. I think Oracle should be alarmed if they care for existing content and valuable contributions. They may have to consider another data migration attempt.

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                                Good stuff


                                I was starting to worry that you'd gone the same way as the MOS forum which has all the bells and whistles but is so slow as to be unusable... happy to say that you haven't and it's all now running fine again.  I am relieved.


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                                  Now jari has taken out your place Andy, who too a great developer


                                  Newly upgraded forum, will be a shock to you since you returned back to forum nearly after 3 yrs of gap.


                                  >>Time to retire, methinks



                                  We need you back(like you are active in APEX forums). Your support and guidance needs to be there for the newbies who all are into the APEX.


                                  Thanks for your response.




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                                    I thought I'd caught up with Jari now that this site has given me over 3,000 new points.  No such luck!  Jari and I did work on a few things together (eg, double-scrolling - which was, incidentally, the post that I was trying to search for and still can't find ), so I'm sure he can carry on without me


                                    It's only been about 2 years since I was active here, though does feel a lot longer now - after nearly 40 years of using computers, it's probably time for a change



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