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    Unable to disconnect CPU/memory board using cfgadm command in SF 6800


      Hi guys,


      I have sun SF 6800 Box. There is a memory error in System-board SB4. I was trying to do DR for replacing the faulty memory.

      cfgadm -v -c unconfigure N0.SB4 command completes successfully. But take a long time.(More than 15 minutes). But next command

      cfgadm -v -c disconnect N0.SB4 stuck. The command didn't return to shell prompt. I had wait for more than one hour. But there was no progress.



      root@CND64 # cfgadm

      Ap_Id                          Type         Receptacle   Occupant     Condition

      N0.IB6                         unknown      empty        unconfigured unknown

      N0.IB7                         PCI_I/O_Boa  connected    configured   ok

      N0.IB8                         unknown      empty        unconfigured unknown

      N0.SB2                         CPU_V2       connected    configured   ok

      N0.SB3                         CPU_V3       connected    configured   ok

      N0.SB4                         CPU_V3       connected    unconfigured ok

      c0                             scsi-bus     connected    configured   unknown

      c1                             scsi-bus     connected    unconfigured unknown

      c2                             fc           connected    unconfigured unknown

      c3                             fc           connected    unconfigured unknown

      c4                             fc           connected    unconfigured unknown

      c5                             fc           connected    unconfigured unknown

      root@CND64 # cfgadm -v -c disconnect N0.SB4

      disconnect N0.SB4                                        <<<< It stuck here



      Also there in sc related logs in /var/adm/messages


      Jun 13 11:50:50 CND64 sgsbbc: [ID 538587 kern.notice] NOTICE: Timed out sending message to SC

      Jun 13 11:51:05 CND64 last message repeated 3 times

      Jun 13 11:51:10 CND64 sgsbbc: [ID 538587 kern.notice] NOTICE: Timed out sending message to SC

      Jun 13 11:52:05 CND64 last message repeated 3 times


      Thanks for helping out if somebody can help me to resolve this issue.

      Thank you again.