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    MATCH_RECOGNIZE Pattern with more than one eventType




      i try to make a query in Oracle CQL, which should detect an event (eg. price event) followed by an other event (NOT a price event; eg. inventoryEvent).

      I used Esper before.

      Here is a short example: (eql)


                  insert into somethingEvent
                      select p.id, p.price, s.size
                      from pattern[
                          every p= priceEvent(p.price<getGoodPrice())
                          -> i=inventoryEvent(i.id = p.id)


      I didnt find a similiar way to do this in Oracle CEP. I only found patterns using MATCH_RECOGNIZE and i dont know how to match more than one event Type.

      Also is there a way to create new (other) events within the Rule? (after fireing) (like the INSERT INTO statement in esper)


      I hope u guys can help me.

      greetz Trinity