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    Generate XPATH using XDK


      I have a requirement where I need to  parse the XML and get the nodename,nodevalue and xpath of each node

      I searched through XDK documentation but could not find a function/method to generate/built the XPATH

      I can see that there are get methods like selectSingleNode .

      Here is the sample XML









      I need to get the following as output

      MsgId  ,0000000009 ,/Document/BkToCstmrDbtCdtNtfctn/GrpHdr/MsgId                   and

      CreDtTm, 2013-04-16T14:31:45,/Document/BkToCstmrDbtCdtNtfctn/GrpHdr/CreDtTm


      Can Someone throw me some light