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    Completion Insight not working


      A customer is using the same version of SQL Developer on the same workstation platform as myself.  My Completion Insight works, his does not.


      SQL Developer version 3.1.07 on Windows 7 Professional.


      Completion Insight is enabled under Tools->Preferences->Completion Insight.  Regardless of this setting the ctl + <space> shortcut works instantly for me, but under no circumstances for the customer.


      I made a test account on the DB that mirrors customer's privileges - my Completion Insight using the test account still works, so the problem must be with local to his install.


      I verified his SQL Developer files came from the same zip file I used for my own installation.


      Any ideas what is preventing his Completion from working?

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          You might consider upgrading your customer to the latest release, v3.2.20.09


          In the meantime, I've noticed completion insight NOT working when there's a syntax/parsing issue. For example, what's in the worksheet code wise when they try it?


          With an empty worksheet, if they type select * from <ctrl><space>, does nothing come back?