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    Time Series Plot


      Is there a standard way to create a time series chart in Apex 4.2?


      The line chart does not take into account irregular time intervals - it assumes that the data points on the X axis are equally spaced, its just really a bar chart but with a line instead.

      The scatter chart handles the x axis values correctly but does not have the option to join the points with a line, so all sense of time series trend is lost.


      Using the line chart I can fudge the values to add extra null values for a defined list of dates so that the spacing of points is more accurate, but this is only really ok when say there is one point per day and there may be missing days.  If there are sometimes 3 points per day or zero points per day this approach is too cumbersome.


      Alternatively I can change the scatter chart to use a line. Anychart has the option to use a line (line_style)  but this isn't included in apex and it cant be added to the XML because it exists within the #DATA# section so the only way would be to fudge the series query to bring that back before the data.


      I would have thought that a time series plot would be quite a common requirement - have I missed it somewhere?