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    creating new element link based on criteria


      I have a bizzare situation. I have to create new element link for criteria based on organization as the the employees in this organization has to be costed with different natural account. Problem is during implementation we created element links without any criteria and this link is currently being used by my assignments.

      My first issue is I am not able to create new link as it throws a error saying links can't be mutually exclusive.

      Secondly if I end date the current element link and create new link based on above criteria what is the impact. I feel i have to reattach all the element entris again for all the assignments having those elements.


      Is there any simple solution??

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          Vigneswar Battu

          Hi 966333,

          There is no simple solution to this.

          You will have to remove all the element entries for employees, end-date the links and create new ones.

          But why do you want to store the Organization cost codes at the Link level.

          Can you not store them at the HR-Organization level itself ?



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            Cost centers are stored in assignment level and organization level as well. But natural account for different elements is different hence has to be done in element link level. But now they are asking the natural accounts for different elements in particular organization is different. hence this problem.

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              1. Since you have created open link earlier, any new link that you will create will be conflicting with existing link. That's why it gives that mutual exclusive error. This is because of element link not used for eligibility but for element entry default values as well. If more than one element links qualifies an element entry, it will not be able to decide at run time which default value to be taken for element entry.
              2. If you end date the existing link, it should end date the qualified element entries as well.So you can't use this option as well.

                 So only option seems to delete and recreate element entries after new link is created.