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    10g to 11g ams and rdbms upgrade


      Dear friends,


      We try to upgrade the 10g to 11g oracle instance and asm instance.

      Below steps we r done;


      1.First we are install the  database and grid infrastructure in separate home.

      2.after that i try to upgrade asm instance so i drop old 10g asm localconfig

        cd  $ORACLE10g_HOME

      ./localconfig delete

      cd $ORACLE11g_HOME

      ./localconfig add   but here i can not find localconfig

      Note:database and  grid installed without error....


      3)Even we are try dbua but it run 10g dbua we are not able to run dbua for 11g


      4)inventory is corrupted how to recreate inventory


      5)or please provide the steps for upgrade 10g asm to 11g asm