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    virtual box 4.2.12_84980


      I have installed this on a Windows 7 home premium as the Host

      set up a guest machine for Fedora 18 64bit. but also have the same problem with Suse 12.3 64bit

      I am having problems with getting the drivers installed.

      what is used to extract the 32 bit drivers.

      also what would be the location or files to extract them to?






      Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions


      Where have the Windows drivers gone?

      - The Windows Guest Additions drivers were removed from this directory to

        save space on your hard drive. To get the files you have to extract them

        from the Windows Guest Additions installers:


        To extract the 32-bit drivers to "C:\Drivers", do the following:

        VBoxWindowsAdditions-x86 /extract /D=C:\Drivers


        For the 64-bit drivers:

        VBoxWindowsAdditions-amd64 /extract /D=C:\Drivers


        Note: The extraction routine will create an additional sub directory

        with the selected architecture (x86 or amd64) to prevent mixing up

        the drivers.


        To get further help with the command line parameters of the installer,

        type: VBoxWindowsAdditions-<arch> /?