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    An open source framework for agile development with Sites


      I am happy to announce the release of a new open source framework for sites development: AgileSites 1.0.0.beta1.



      AgileSites is an open source framework built using standard and documented Sites API provinding a number of features meant to simplify development, mostly to make agile development and offshoring way easier and more manageable.


      Some of the features:


      - MVC with plain Java controller and pure HTML views

      - Templating done in jQuery style (like client-side javascript templating)

      - Integrated unit testing and build system

      - Integrated csdt so everything is source and can be stored in Git or Subversion and rebuilt with jenkins in minutes

      - Hot reloading of java classes, including the url assembler - you code in java without restarting the application server

      - Single jar deployment - all your site code is in a jar that can be easily tracked and moved around

      - A simplified API layer built on top of standard tag assets making development a breeze

      - Complete and unlimited access to the full Sites API

      - Keeps the JSP structure so the framework can be added to another site using JSP


      AgileSites is available in his own dedicated site: www.AgileSites.org with a video showing his capabilites.