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    Problem introducing dates in forms.

    Eduardo Colazo

      I've created a form with the wizard, associated to a table that has a date column (Birth Date). In the form created by the wizard, this column has a date picker associated. There are no problems introducing dates with the date picker, but introducing the date manually, i've found some problems: After introducing the first two digits for the year, this field turns to zero. The date format in global attributes for the aplication is DD-MM-YYYY (spanish language), and the form exhibits this format for insertions. Editing this element in the form, the format mask is YYYY-MM-DD, and there is no way to change this format.


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          Eduardo Colazo

          It seems that the datepicker feature don't works properly in jQuery Mobile user interface. In desktop interface, is possible introduce dates manually without the problems described in the discussion. For mobile devices, if you edit the item properties for the date, and set "Display as" to "Text", you can set too the format mask, and all works fine. Without datepicker, obviouslly.