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    c_get() returns -30989 when accessed from two applications


      i have a key/data hash table database. In which i have exposed an interface to traverse and print the the entire table (say, getall_contents()). I am using cursor implementation to go to the each record in a loop.


      This interface is present in an application(say, mydbapplication) and can be accessed by other applications (say, test_mydbapplication).


      My algorithm in getall_contents() function is,


      while(End of table)

      cursor(); // getcursor

      c_get(,,,DB_SET_RANGE);//set cursor to last fetched item in the table. This statement will be exempted for first item of the table.

      c_get(,,,DB_NEXT);//get the next item

      c_close();//close cursor, to allow other application to write(if any) and avoid any deadlocks.


      This function works fine if accessed by one application at a time. However if accessed by more than one application simultaneously, then c_get(,,,DB_SET_RANGE) returns -30989, even if data that i want to set is in the mid of the table.


      My testing environment output :

      i access API getall_contents() through my test_mydbapplication in two consoles, first console's output is incomplete, meaning it doesnt print all the contents of hash table and returns with return value -30989. But the second console prints all the contents and returns with return value -30989.


      Note : -30989 is the return value am getting when an end of table is reached, in a working scenario as well.


      So my question is,


      Why does c_get(,,,DB_SET_RANGE) returns end of table, when accessed by more than one application ?

      Note : Same logic works fine when accessed through single application.