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    Detail/ Summary data block in one click


      Hi all,


      I am not sure whether I can achieve this way of doing in Oracle Form 6i such as the subtotal function like excel ? Whereby from the data block it will have all rows of data in detail and if user click on a button/ radio check then it will change to summary column from the same datablock in the same canvas or layout.


      It is possible to doing so ?


      Please advise.




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          You should be able to do this using a couple of Stacked Canvases.  Create a Stacked Canvas and Data block to show your rows of data.  Then create a second Stacked Canvas and a seperate data block that sumarizes your data they way you want it.  Then use the code in your Button's When-Button-Pressed trigger to cycle through displaying/hiding the canvases.  You can cycle between the canvases by looking at the GET_VIEW_PROPERTY('STACKED_CANVAS_NAME',VISIBLE) property.  It returns 'TRUE' if the canvas is visible in any way and it returns 'FALSE' if it is not visible at all.


          Hope this helps.