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    Two separate calculated columns - results show up only in one of them




      I've recently run into some peculiar behaviour in OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence I'm using three attribute colums (deliv. on time, ordered, backlog) to calculate a monthly service level. In addition I'm using a customer ID number to separate our customers into export and national customers. I've three calculated columns - Service Level Export, Service Level Total and Service Level National. I'm using a simple case-statement to distinguish between international and national customers (When custID between xxx and yyy then...). The total service level column doesn't have a case-if calculation, only a couple of simple mathematical operations and it works fine.


      Now the problem is that the results show up only in one of those calculated columns containing case-if calculations - not both at the same time. Using a prompt in a pivot table I can verify that both columns get proper values but when I remove the prompt half of the values randomly disappear from these columns so that only one of the columns has a value for a specific month. The calculations in all three columns are identical - the only difference is that Serv. L. Exp. exludes a spesific CustID whereas the Serv. L. Nat. only includes that one CustID.


      Example - both Serv. L. Exp and Serv. L. Nat should have values for every month, now only one of them gets values


      Month          Serv. L. Exp.               Serv. L. Nat.               Total Serv. L.

      01                         15 %                                                       15 %

      02                         17 %                                                       17 %

      03                         13 %                                                       13 %

      04                                                          20 %                      20 %

      05                                                          22 %                      22 %



      I've a few months of OBIEE experience under my belt so I'm not that experienced but usually I've been able to figure out what's wrong on my own. This time, however, this leaves me dumbfounded. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.