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    Using WMS with Projects_Consolidation Issue




      The Items are received for Projects PO in logical Project Locator. Let us assume two cases

      (a) Same item is being procured under a Project. If Task is same then these PO receipts are put in single project locator. If Task is different, the PO receipts are made in different project locator(s).

      (b) Same item is being procured in different Projects. The items are received in different Project locators.


      ------- No we intend to implement WMS functionality (using Mobile device) in inventory Orgs, so that we can consolidate same items in a single PHYSICAL LOCATOR. This will help in reducing space in warehouse. Also while counting process, multiple logical locators need not be counted. Under Projects, the locator control is dynamic entry, hence put away rule won't work in this case.


      ------- After PO receipts, whether somehow cross project transfer (of same item) is achievable without impacting project accounting under any case.


      Input(s) shall be highly appreciated.



      NIrabh Nayan