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    How to deploy a demo


      Hi there,


      I have created a basic 7 screen interview in OPA and I was wondering if there was another way to go through the interview without "build and debugging" it each time I demo it. How to I deploy the interview onto a desktop or nternet so anyone can view it (even if they dont have OPM installed)?



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          Hi 1010199,


          1. Create a war-file from the folder inside the Release folder, which is created when you do a Build and Run with Screens in OPM.
          2. Deploy the war-file, as you would normally deploy a war-file.




          1. Deploy the war file provided in the installation of OPA.
          2. Add your your base, which is the zip-file in the output folder when using Build in OPM.


          from the Manual: "For information regarding the deployment of Oracle Web Determinations for Java and .Net, refer to the Oracle Policy Automation Installation Guide."


          Hope this helps,