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    Upgrading Oracle database to  -2 questions




        I am upgradeing a single oracle instance from to on AIX 6.1. I have installed the to a new instance(with the latest  PSU  and Fixes)  and am preparing to run DBUA. I have review serveral documents and done several recommeded "pre" steps, but have 2 remaining issues/questions:

      1.  I have 2 invaild objects I cannot get to complile. One is a package in a schema I am not worried about( was a testing type thing). the other is MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_9I .  I believe the MDSYS is related to Spartial data, and the "Spartial" component on the 10g is a in a status of "OPTION OFF" .  Does anyone know if I have to correct these two objects to  have a succesful run of the upgrade with DBUA?


      2. The documents i have reviewed only mention a need to upgrade the listener BEFORE the upgrade if going from 9i to 11g. It is recommeded that the listener be upgraded to 11g PRIOR to running the DBUA or will DBUA do this or will I need to run netca from the 11g home AFTER the DBUA migration from 10g to 11g is done?


      fyi..one last note..I am doing this in a test env first.


      Thanks in advance for any input.