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    10g to 11g standalone server upgrade

    Vinod Dhandapani

      I am planning to upgrade existing  database to version (single instance). It is a two phase activity.


      1. Upgrade ASM

      2. Upgrade Database.


      Upgrade ASM:


      1. Created new groups asmadmin, asmoper, asmdba

      2. Created new user grid. (primary group - dba, secondary group - asmadmin, asmdba, asmoper)

      3. Modified user oracle (primary group - dba, secondary group - asmadmin, asmdba)

      4. oraInventory is owned by oracle:dba


      For Existing Database (10g)

      ORACLE_BASE: /home/oracle

      ORACLE_HOME: /home/oracle/oraHome


      For Grid

      ORACLE_BASE: /u01/app/grid



      For Upgraded Database (11g)


      ORACLE_BASE: /u01/app/oracle

      ORACLE_HOME: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2/db_1


      My questions are,


      1. Should I install Grid Infrastructure and upgrade ASM as grid user or oracle user. We may move to RAC after 1 year.

      2. If I install using grid user should I change the ownership of the existing ASM disks. Currently it is set as oracle:dba.

      3. Did I miss anything important.




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          Ed Rudans

          If you use separate users for GI and DB
          1. Install GI using grid owner

          2. each user must have Oracle central inventory group (oinstall) as their primary group, which you have

          3. the ownership of disks will be grid:dba


          You may check this doc, check the pdf attached in that note, there is full step by step how to role separation

          ASM 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure And RDBMS/Database Installation & Configuration Using ASM Job Role Separation (A Complete Guide). [ID 1376731.1]