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    Oracle RAC + TimesTen



      Following is my replication scheme.

      3 datastores will be in 3-way multi master replication configuration. That is, the 3 nodes will replicate to each other.

      There are additional 40 datastores which acts only as read only subscribers.

      All the above mentioned 3 nodes will also replicate its data to subscriber (read only) datastores.


      The above mentioned setup, we are using only TimesTen database.


      Considering scalability, to reduce bottleneck and enhance Performance and Availability, we are looking for an alternative solution to bring Oracle RAC in our setup.

      So that whole data will be residing in the Oracle Database.The required data will be cached to all the 43 TimesTen nodes (3 nodes + 40 nodes).


      We are trying to figure out what are the requirements (hardware+ software)for setting up Oracle RAC with all the hardware requriements for High Avaialabilty + Performance, where downtime is NILL.

      Once I get a clear picture about the requirements, I can search for pricing details.


      Request for your inputs....



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          This probably is not realistic. You cannot mix multi-master replication with caching; it is not supported and anyway you will then be trying to have both TimesTen and Oracle master the same data. Even your original setup of 3 databases in multi-master setup with 40 readonly subscribers raises some concerns. What exactly are you looking to achieve? What are the requirements?