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    FR Studio Expansion Question

    Curt Ambroso

      I am using FR Studio and Heirarchey Roll-up on our Chart Of Accounts.


      I have built out P&L using the Heirarchey and have set my report to allow for expansion.


      My question...is there a way for a user to expand all of the expansions or do they have to do it one at a time.


      For example:


      >Sales   1,000,000

      >COGS  500,000


      The user can click on the arrows to the left and they get


      >Sales 1,000,000

        >Food    750,000

        >Beverage 250,000

      >Cogs 500,000


      They have to select each arrow and wait while the report re-calculates.  We have a couple dozen of these in a full P&L and I have been asked several times if there is a way to click one button and the report expands all of these down to the lowest level....


      I have looked but so far have not found anything so I thought I would ask before I give up...


      Any help would be appreciated!