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    Metadata/dataload for Concatenated Segments to Dimension in ERPI


      Hi All,

          We need to map 2 segments (EBS) to one dimension(EPMA Planning Application) using ERPI. Dimension needs to look something like this after metadata load:


      Segment1              Segment2                                                                                     Dimension

            1                           100                       metadata load                                                     1_Total                               

            2                           101              ----------------------------------------->>>                                    1_100

                                         200                                                                                                          1_101

                                         201                                                                                                    2_Total





      In other words Segment 1 members are getting contatenated with Segment 2 members separated by underscore.

      I know ERPI can handle concatenation for Segment1+Segment2--->Concatenated Dimension but I need 1_Total, 2_Total parents in the Dimension. These members are currently defined in the Dimension.


      My question is when I execute the metadata load, will these parents stay?


      How do I define dataload for this contactenated segment?

      Thanks Everyone