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    Accessing Oracle DataBase (Noob Question)


      Good Morning


      I´m sorry if the question sounds very noob but here it goes.

      I work in a company that uses a software created in Oracle Form to access a Oracle Database somewhere in the intranet.


      I would like to recreate the forms my way to acces this DB and get the informartion the way i want.

      Is this possible and where should i start studying?


      Thank you.

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          effee0cc-06fa-4809-91ac-6acc4f026c18 wrote:


          I would like to recreate the forms my way to acces this DB and get the informartion the way i want.


          What do you mean by "the way I want"?


          The first thing you need to understand about Oracle Forms is that it is tightly integrated with the Oracle Database (RDBMS); meaning you can't use Forms to directly connect to any other database except an Oracle Database.  Also, since Forms is tightly integrated with the Oracle RDBMS it (Forms) will handle many standard DML operations for you; such as Querying a record, Update of an existing record or Insert/Delete of a new or existing record without you (the developer) having to write a single line of code to handle the DML.


          There are numerous Forms tutorials available on the Internet; I suggest you Google search (or use your favorite search engine) on: Oracle Forms Tutorials.  You will get tutorials for various versions of Oracle Forms (from version 4.5 to the current 11g).  Any of these tutorials will help you learn the basics of Oracle Forms as these basic concepts apply to ALL versions of Oracle Forms.  If you come across a tutorial that is specific to implementing JavaBeans or Pluggable Java Components (PJCs) then these tutorials are specific to Forms 9i and higher (Forms 6i falls into this category as well, but only if your Forms 6i application is deployed to the web and not the traditional Client/Server model).  If the tutorial deals with implementing JavaScript, then this tutorial is specific to Forms 11g only - as it is currently the only version that supports using Java Scripting in Forms.


          Hope this helps,