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    Record WLST Scripts for Adapter Settings




      I am new to the Record WLST Scripts tool.


      I am trying to record within my Settings for JmsAdapter to create a new Outbound Connection Pool, but the Record tool does not seem to be able to capture changes within adapter settings as the file is blank after the changes have been made.


      Does anyone know why that is?


      Is there a way to make the Record tool work for Adapter settings?


      If not would anyone know the functions/directories needed in a WLST in order to create Outbound Connection Pools within JMSAdapter Settings?


      Any help will be much appreciated!




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          JMS Adapter uses deployment plan hence wlst can not record this.

          The Record feature intercepts the JMX calls and translates them into the corresponding WLST scripts, so the features that use deployment plans fall out of the coverage area of the "Record" funtionality.


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          Vivek Vishal