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    Why does the "Java 8 3D Features" say to set camera twice to move?



      // Create a camera and add it to the Scene


      Camera camera = new PerspectiveCamera();



      // Add camera to scene graph (so it can move)

      Group cameraGroup = new Group();




      // Rotate the camera



      // Move the cameraGroup (camera moves with it)




      so I'm curious why we are adding the camera twice?  The same thing is shown below for the lighting.  It says for moving purposes, but I'm confused why we need 2 of them, and cannot move the Scene's camera?  It makes sense that we would add it to a group and rotate that, since setCamera is final, but wouldn't that mean the first camera would always be stationary, or is it only used to render the initial scene and afterwards the CameraGroup takes over for EVERYTHING?


      Just curious, thanks all .