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    How to get data from Specific cell in Excel spreadsheet to Oracle



      I was wondering how can I extract data from a specific cell on a sheet in the workbook

      For example I have a workbook called Project1023 with 2 sheet ("Project" and "ProjectContact JohnDoe") with Project sheet appearing on all workboks and ProjectContact... sheet gets added on the workbook based on the number of contacts in a project

      Workbook Project1023 has 2 sheet "Project" and "ProjectContact JohnDoe"

      Workbook Project2345 has 3 sheet "Project" and "ProjectContact Smith" and "ProjectContact Mike"

      and so on with contact sheet having the same format


      1. How can ODI extract data from cell A:23 and B:23 on sheet  "Project"?


      2. Also is there any way for ODI to identify Project1023 has 1 contact and Project2345 has 2 contact based on the number of sheets.